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Friday, March 4, 2011

Autumn Winds

The night is humid
I feel a change in the air
I shiver despite the humid air

Seasons have to change of course
After summer autumn calls
There is a lingering chill in the air
Despite the still humid air

Holding onto something slipping bare
I cannot grasp what was there
It seems that it is slipping by the summer
Of another romance gone bye

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Light Cream of Artichoke and Chicken Pasta Recipe

Serves 4

Ingredients all from the local supermarket Coles:

1.      Organic chicken strips to number of people
2.      5 pieces of medium sized rindless bacon diced.
3.      Marinaded Artichoke to taste (6 – 7 pieces) sliced.
4.      Marinded olives to taste (5 Olives) Sliced.
5.      Lightest Sour Cream available (1 Tablespoon)
6.      1.5 Leeks sliced
7.      5 cloves of minced garlic
8.      Organic tomato paste 1/4 cup
9.      Shaved Parmesan
10.  Penne or Spiral Pasta Organic (Gluten Free)
11.  Dried basil herb to taste 2-3tsp
12.  Light Virgin Olive Oil 1 tablespoon
13.  Sea salt and cracked pepper to taste
14.  4-5 Organic tomatoes diced


1.      Mince four cloves of garlic and oil to a mixing bowl with some basil herbs and sea salt to taste.
2.      Dice the tomatoes and sprinkle sea salt to take out the moisture, put aside for later.
3.      Slice up artichokes and olives and put aside for later add salt to taste if the artichoke is not salty enough.
4.      Add the chicken to the garlic herb mixture and marinade for 10 – 15 minutes covered in the fridge.
5.      Heat the deep pan add a dash of olive oil and sauté the leeks, onions and bacon (if the bacon has rind than no need for too much olive oil, as the fat will serve as oil)
6.      When the bacon onion mixture is cooked turn down the heat to medium for five minutes until onion bacon mixture browns.
7.      Turn the heat up to medium-high and quickly add the marinaded chicken.
8.      Brown chicken strips on each side and put the chicken, bacon, onion mixture aside.
9.      Add a little olive oil to the heated pan again and add the salted tomato to the pan and the rest of minced garlic (1 clove). Let the tomato simmer and mash it with the back of the spoon.
10.  Let the tomato puree simmer while it simmers add the tomato paste, sugar (Xylitol), salt and some water let it continue to simmer.  
11.  Add the chicken mixture back in and also the olive and artichoke mixture.
12.  Turn the sauce on to medium high heat until the sauce is bubbling add a bit more water to adjust the consistency of the sauce. Give the mixture a mix and turn down to medium low heat.
13.  Put another pot on add boiling water and a dash of olive oil to the water so the pasta does not sick together, leave that on medium until the water begins to boil add the pasta.

14.  Turn down the heat of the pasta sauce and add a dollop of sour cream

15.  When the pasta is aldente drain the pasta and put in serving bowls while hot.

16.  Add the pasta sauce to the hot pasta. Garnish with shallots and parmesan cheese.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Myotatic Ab Crunches Video: Muscle Soreness Tips

Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

Like I've been tweeting been experiencing pain all my stomach muscles are in pain and it's the day after my first time trying the myotatic crunches.

I am experiencing DOMS because the symptoms I have match those in the article when describing DOMS.

The Symptoms are:

1. No pain while the injury is being inflicted while exercising (unique to DOMS).

2. Most pain happening over the next couple days.

3. Can last up to a week for some people. I can't wait to train again so I hope not.

4. DOMS Happens to everyone novices and professionals alike.

5. Ease into the training. I thought I was easing into it but maybe I just don't
know my own limits.

I thought I'd be less sore by now but it's now hurting to sit straight. Got deep heat gel on the area so hopefully that works for stomach muscle pain too.

Personal Experience:

1. It was fun trying the different exercises thinking they were much more effective than my old routines.

2. I did not feel above average feelings of using my muscles so I did as many as I could without feeling too sore.

3. How wrong I was. It hurts to move my body or hold my own weight up and I am not exaggerating.

The Cause of DOMS:

1. Muscle Lengthening actions (Eccentric Movements) (Stenelli, 2007)

If you try the Myotatic Crunches (Ferris, 4HB) than you'll know why I believe the actions undertaken were mucle lengthening. See how when he leans back he is stretching his stomach muscles?

Myotatic Crunch Youtube Video below:

No Pain No Gain: The Benefits:

1. It's necessary for balanced muscle development and increased fitness (Stenneli, 2007)
2. Eccentric Motions (Lengthening Action) builds muscle: strength, growth and fewer occurrences of DOMS
    (Stenelli, 2007).

For Stenelli's research behind DOMS please visit Muscle Soreness & Pain - Stenelli

Prevention Better Than the Cure: Ease your Way

1.  Do less sets of the same exercises at first and build up gradually in this case, Myotatic Crunches.

2. Do not over do it.  I did 3 sets of 10 Myotatic Crunches.

3. If you're not sure what your limit is like me as a novice than don't redo it until the pain goes away.

    I am hoping to be back into it by tomorrow (Friday) I started on a Tuesday).

4. 4 Hour Body recommended a twice a week 20 minute work out so I aim to squeeze in another session
    this week.

5. Stenelli says that if the pain lasts more than week seek medical attention. Can never be too careful.
    A link included on Stenelli's article for more information on DOMS: Sports Medicine: DOMS.

Final Review:

1. Mytotatic Crunches Youtube Video included above
2. Links to Stinelli' article and to his DOMS research.

Apologies about the formatting. Would appreciate any tips on how to keep formats consistent after publishing.

Good health to you all.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jolene's 4HB Day 3

1. Prebreakfast lemon water
2. Green Coffee with Khia seeds and 1 tsp of Xylitol


Chinese scrambled eggs with shallots, grated cinnamon, pinch of salt, pinch of cracked pepper, a table spoon of light soy milk and soy sauce to taste.

Post Breakfast Workout  None today I'm going to give my body time to recuperate from the thrashing yesterday laughable I know I really want to work on my fitness.

Just so sore all over that I can't sit or sneeze without pain nor bend over. 

Might just go take a walk on the beach again.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Jolene's 4HB Day 2

4 Hour Body Meal Plan Day 2

1. Pre breakfast lemon water.


2. Green Coffee with 1 tsp Xylitol  and Khia Seeds.
3. Chinese style spring onion and spices scrambled eggs with dash of light soy milk, grated cinnamon, cracked pepper and soy sauce.

If you can do without the soy milk do so but I find it dry and I don't love cream.

Post Breakfast workout:

1. 14 sets of 5kg Russian Kettle Bell style exercises I used gym ball weights with handles instead..
2. 30 sets of Myotatic stomach crunches.
3. 20 sets Squats with 3 and 2kg weights.
4. 3 Sets of the plank for 10 sec duration each.
5. 9 Sets of Glute Exercises.

Work out went for 20 minutes got alot of work to do.  Tim Ferris said 75 sets of 9kg for women for the Russian Kettle Bell I couldn't even do that many with 5kg.

Tim Ferris in 4HB said 20 minutes is enough twice a week as far as I understand but I think that's because he did high intensity workouts within the 20 minutes.  Hence I think I need to do 3 times a week at least.

Or maybe because of the method of  the work out 20 minutes is all you need for maximum impact?

He also said all that's need is 2 lots of exercise per week over a month I think with my low threshold for pain I'll have to go three times a week until I can get myself past 5kgs and only 3 sets of these.  My legs were wobbly when I finished and I could definitely feel my stomach muscles working. 

Pre Lunch Lemon water


Home made Kimchee Beef soup for two.

Ingredients: Kimchee, miso soup, spring onion, 1x buk choy, 1/4 of a box of silken tofu, Oyster, Shitake, Enoki mushrooms, Bean sprouts, five cloves of garlic, left over sliced up organic steak from yesterday's dinner.

Tasted fantastic. Why that much garlic? Well Koreans love to have loads of garlic in their soups and it's also said to aid weight loss in 4HB also good for keeping away colds and killing bacteria.

1 x Honey Tea

I had at least 1.5L of water today and it's only 3pm.

Taking a walk to the beach now even though it's scorching hot I have my Cancer Foundation SPF 30 sunscreen on.  I am going to try the water as my "ice bath" method.  Get myself into cold water situation as often as possible.

Love drinking water.

Pre Dinner Lemon water


1 x Mixed Korean BBQ meats
1 x Seaweed Salad
1x Korean Sausage, Kimchee soup.
1 x Cup of Green Tea
2 x Glass of water

1 x mouthful of white rice

Water for bed.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jolene's 4HB Meal Plan Day 1

Before Breakfast:

1 x 600 ML of water with lemon juice

An Hour Later Breakfast:

Green Coffee with Khia seeds and 1 tsp of Xylitol natuarally derived from corn cobs (No Soymilk )

Two poached eggs with bacon and tomatoes

Before Lunch: 1. 600 ML of Water with Lemon Juice

Lunch: Korean Kimchee Soup with Pork, Tofu and cabbage. With sides of 1/3 bowl of rice, seaweed salad and more Kim Chee.

600 Ml of water plain

1 X Honey Green Tea


Haven't figured it out yet going to a yoga class. Had organic steak marinaded with garlic and soy sauce with brocoli and buk choy greens sprinkled with salt and lemon juice.

Today I cut out:

Fruit, Yoghurt and my Fibre Mix :(

No Bread at all.

Less sugar and No Soya milk.

Less rice than usual

Going to try the Russian Kettle Bell moves at the gym after my yoga session and the Myocratic Crunch looks like fun to try.  If I got the energy I'll definitely do one of these three.

I don't really binge I want to enjoy my food so when that day comes I will just eat what I really like and still cut out potato but have my tofu, rice, soya products and cheese.

I'll miss you my friend (Marinaded Persian Feta and insalata caprese (buffalo cheese and tomato slices with fresh basil) until Saturday.

Fruit glorious fruit.

I reduced the temperature of my shower water and I ended up shivering anyhow even though I wasn't in the cold shower for more than 2 minutes.  I am going to work my way into this.  Good for reducing water heating bill. Apparently it helps boost your metabolism when you alternate temperatures of your body through hot and cold water.  4HB recommended ice baths for 20 to half an hour. I'm afraid I started shivering with just the 2 minute flushes of colder water..  There's work to be done.

Began dry brushing my skin again.

I will try to sustain as the saying goes you are what you repeatedly do.  I think for long term health your plan should be sustainable and realistic won't make you go over your usual meal budget.

That is why I am being gentle with myself so I don't feel I'm going into starvation mode all of a sudden.

Start of by removing something small like regular milk to skim milk and only a small amount than go from that to soy milk, light soy and than smaller amounts of those..if you can do better and like a challenge have less. 

Set your own pace that you know you can keep up long term.

The results will most likely not be as fast but maybe you'll be able to keep it up for longer.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Woman in the Mirror 2011

A woman is smiling at me
I don’t know who she is,
I smile back knowing only,
An empty heart lies there

The sun is shining on her
Basking in its glory,
Inside her is the story
She finds her heart’s not there

A woman is smiling at me
Her smile for all to see
The sun is always shining,
but her heart lies bare.

You see the sun is shining
But she knows not how it feels
Forever smiling, whilst inside her
Stir feelings chilled.